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AlphaMAC - MOHAA anticheat by RyBack
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22nd Jan 2018

As there were some problems with installation of AlphaMAC and some questions about it, there is step by step quide how to setup stock mohaa and anticheat.

1. Register on AlphaMac site and log in: Click
2. Copy and save somewhere your app key which should appear on home page.
3. Go to download section: click
4. Download both MOHAA and AlphaMAC.
5. Install stock MOHAA.
6. Extract AlphaMAC zip.
7. Install vc_redis.x86.exe.
8. Launch AlphaMAC.exe.
9. Give AlphaMAC your app key when it will ask for it.

Now there should appear window where you are asked to give AlphaMAC your stock MOHAA.exe directory, do it. In ip field type ip of server to which you would like to connect, password only when server is password protected, like when we played with LUV on their war server, and type your nickname.

After closing of MOHAA there will appear window which will give you summary of all your screenshots taken and demo, click GO and allow it to send these on Alphamac server. They will only appear there on server page of in form like this: click

Of course you can do all actions on already installed MOHAA, but I and some peeps experienced some troubles during making a backup of files, deleting them from mohaa and main folder, which were in next step replaced with stock ones downloaded by AlphaMAC.

It should be important for all members playing MOHAA to have AlphaMAC during wars, in future there will be no excuses in clan matches. Furthermore, AlphaMAC shows you pure O N L Y when there is N O modifications in mohaa and main folders.

From x-null:
"Pure" : Means the player is Online and Joined and doesn't have a single infraction(ie.Stock Player).
"Pure But Suspicious" : Means the player is pure but needs further admin inspection , THIS DOES NOT MEAN PLAYER IS USING CHEAT, could be a false positive, this status is remove manually by the admin.
"Dirty" : Means the player is Online and Joined and has 1 or more infraction(s).
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