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MOHAA Tournament
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26th Jul 2018

Our Gaming community proudly announces start of MOHAA Tournament series! Every 3 months new edition of tournament will be started with one of main themes: Realism, Default, Freeze-Tag with Realism, Freeze-Tag Default.

How it works?

After announcement of official start date of tournament, people willing to play gather together and organize themselves as a team of 5 players and assign a name to their team. Afterwards, to 10 days before first match, every team needs to sign up into the tournament through our community e-mail or site, furthermore, to 2 days before match, teams which will be playing in chosen day of weekend need to make obligatory check-in to confirm, that they are ready to play. First match play teams which were randomly assigned as first two fields of round 1 bracket.

From the very beginning of signing up into tournament teams are randomly organized in tournament bracket, divided in Rounds. Round 1 is the very beginning of tournament bracket where teams are fighting for promotion into round 2 and further into last round. Loosing in first round is equivalent with not receiving an promotion into round 2, etc. After last round winning team will receive deserved honor and glory as well as title of the best competitive team in Medal of Honor Allied Assault! Rounds last to time where winners from all teams are distinguished. That means, that winner of first match in round 1 have to wait with further competitive gaming to time when round 2 begins. Waiting time depends on amount of teams. 

Match exists from 4 rounds which lasts 6 minutes each, every round other map is played and before match two teams traditionally take part in bash fight, winning team chosen map is executed as first. After end of map, map is restarted and team swap takes place, that means, that allies team go to axis, and axis team go to allies. Maps variety oscillates between default multiplayer maps and single player maps converted into multiplayer, however excessively enormous maps like Omaha beach won't be executed as there is only 10 players in match . 

Player Shortages

If from some reason your teammate or teammates are not able to play, you can simply ask someone to play as substitute of them. However, players who are substitute of your original teammates needs to wear [Rented] TAG after their name. If team leader will not be able to organize substitue of original players, team will be sadly disqualified to ensure that tournament course is proceeding smoothly.

Tournament rules

During tournament time on server applies rules explained in server rules topic except point 1,6 and 7: Server Rules
Yes, that means that all bans from whole clans and individual players will be removed from our server for tournament days, to allow everyone to take part in, furthermore, we require all teams to have turned on and properly functioning AlphaMac anti-cheat system created by Ry-back. If someone will need helpful hand in setting up of anti-cheat, feel free to contact one of our staff members. AlphaMac can be not used only if both teams trust each other and if both teams agree to that.

NOTE: Unsportsmanlike behavior like quitting match because of not liked map choice of other team, or better score of other team will be dealt with by organisators and showed to whole community.

Follow your Statistics

Each team and player in team, even rented one, will have created his statistics document which will summarize his match results divided into rounds. These documents and team folders will be publicly shared on our community cloud drive.


Tournament matches will take place every weekend from 6 p.m of CET to 1 a.m of CET.


First MOHAA Tournament will start in 25.08.2018, signing up into tournament is available to 15.08.2018, theme is Realism. 

Signing up into tournament is possible by our email:
Or by our board dedicated to tournament itself: link
Our website address: link

To register a team into tournament, team captain simply have to fill out team registration form in one of topics in MOHAA Tournament board on our forum or send it on our tournament email: 
More informations about registering team into tournament can be found here: link

Server configs:
Respawn after death: off
Undroppable weapons: off
Allowed weapons: Pistols, rifles, snipers, Submachine guns, machine guns.
Amount of grenades: 3
FriendlyFire: off
Theme: Realism
Walkspeed: 125
Runspeed: 250
AntiCamper: off


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